Challenges when doing an email migration

Migrating emails from one account to another first sounds like a "drag and drop" tasks - and you can indeed work with a simple email client program when migrating a small mailbox.
A second glance however shows, that several types of problems can occur, especially when migrating large volumes of data or multiple mailboxes to a new provider.

  • Slow data transfer/migration takes a long timeLangsamer Datentransfer/Lange Dauer des Umzugs
  • Large attachments cause problems
  • Connection errors: if a connection is lost due to technical or other reasons (e.g., line disconnect), most migration tools will terminat in an unfinished state. Restarting the migration often causes errors and duplicates.
  • Emails are transfered multiple times (duplicates)
  • Low quality of migration (Attachements or status information is not retained in the original state)
  • Undefined status or lack of transparency in the case of errors
  • Issues with providers which do not comply to standard specifications (such as Google Mail)
  • Server issues: related technical specifications such as IMAP contain several hundreds of pages. Even mature email server implementations sometimes show non-standard behaviour which may lead to data tranfer errors.