Listing as a destination provider
The audriga email and groupware migration service allows to move data between different providers which users can select from a provider list. If a provider is missing from the list, server names can be configured manually as well.

This page describes what hosters need to do to get listed as a distination provider.


  • Easy selection as a destination provider for your customers
  • Better migration quality due to continuous quality control
  • Faster migration due to optimized access settings


Listing is possible for all providers which to use our service regularly. The plain listing is free of charge. audriga may decide to reject entries. The following information is required by audriga:

  • A permanent test account for your system for our quality control
  • Information about the structure of the username (; plain username; etc.)
  • Information about the structure of the IMAP servername (central servername; pattern of decentral servernames)
  • Information about access restrictions (e.g., maximum of connections per IP or user)
  • Name under which you would like to be filed in the provider list

Premium listing

The provider list initially only shows large premium providers. The user may choose additional entries which appear after entering characters. Please contact us if you are interested in a premium listing.


For additional information, please contact us by phone, live-chat or via contact form.